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Art Call

Art Call

Thank you for your interest in our Art Call. Please read below for what we are currently displaying.

Artists Please Note: Gallery on West has many visitors throughout the month. When a guest of our venue is interested in purchasing your work, we will connect the artist and the buyer to make your own purchasing arrangements. Gallery on West does not take a commission or transaction fee.
A Community-Wide Art Exhibit by the Residents of Marshall County.jpg
We all dream.  Whether wide awake or fast asleep, what do you dream about?   

The Heartland Artists Gallery is once again hosting an open call to artists and participants around the Marshall County area for a pop-up art exhibit entitled, Dreams.  

The Marshall County community is invited to submit creative depictions of their dreams in this 2nd installment of Heartland's community-wide pop-up art exhibits taking place June 2 – 30, 2022 at the Gallery on West in Argos. A closing reception will take place on Thursday, June 30th from 5-7pm. 

Those interested in entering the exhibit can use this form to submit their entry no later than May 25, 2022.  Details for the event, including eligibility, can be found HERE.  We look forward to your entries!

Art Call for Spring 2022

We would like to display your artwork throughout our event venue starting now through early-June. We are looking for pieces themed Nature, Spring, or Landscape. Please contact us as soon as possible to coordinate a time to hang your piece(s.)

Reminder - Gallery on West does not take a commission or transaction fee on any artwork sold.

Next Art Call: Wedding season will be in full swing starting in June. We would like our venue to reflect a beautiful and welcoming environment for all our brides and grooms, and their guests. Next Art Call will be themed: Memories, Hope, or Dreams.

Coming Up: Heartland Artists Gallery sponsored Pop-Up Art Event in June. Stay tuned for more details.

Please contact us to make arrangements for your artwork: or call 574-598-2084.
Why have an Art Call? Gallery on West displays the artwork of local and regional artists throughout our event venue to provide visitors with a unique experience. We have Art Calls throughout the year to rotate themes and artwork which allows several artists an opportunity showcase their work.
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